Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Called fiddleheads because they look like the scroll on a violin, they taste similar to asparagus and are easy to saute with butter, garlic, and lemon!

Skunk Cabbage

Used for medicinal purposes only when carefully prepared. Its fetid scent attracts early Spring insects. Skunk cabbage is one of the few plants that produces it's own heat - like mammals...

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Experiencing our environment as fluid, organic and ever-changing energy, I work to transcend representation, weaving poetic patterns of line and color into imaginative soulful landscapes. Developing harmonious compositions to represent a language of feminist landscape aesthetic. Developing harmonious compositions, I base my work on the simple idea anywhere you look in Nature is perfect. Working with these intentions my work represents not only a veneration of the beauty of Nature, but is a statement on nature as supportive of Life, deserving protection.

These small abstract works use environmentally friendly materials and mediums created en plein air. Started in the summer of 2019 on hikes through birch forests and climbing colorful rock formations of coastal Maine.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A warm sun stirs harbingers of spring.

Purse web spiderlings

cast off from gossamer webs, then drift in gentle winds -

joining soft white tufts of milkweed seeds.

From the Winter white snow to fresh Springtime whites:

Chickweed, bittercress, bloodroot, liverleaf, and rue anemone flowers -

wake and whisper, foretelling brilliant colors to come.

Carrie Barcomb

All Rights Reserved

artist representation: media arts gallery