Fire & Ice: Climate Change

An ongoing series of dreams and nightmares of our changing planet

(2000 - present)


A modern mythology series examining anthropogenic climate change. These works might appear whimsical but they show a darker side of Nature to illustrate the human impacts on Earth, and bear witness to our warming climate. These illustrations represent issues of human fate along with the consequences and paradox of opposing forces: our survival versus nature that sustains us. By focusing on these issues, I hope to increase environmental awareness and to help inspire a cultural shift towards a balanced and sustainable world.  

Changing Migration

Early 2000, I had a vivid detailed dream where I saw a woman who appeared as an angel or ice queen, at a river of ice, dressed in all white wearing a crown and cloak of feathers, beckoning an elk to follow her. She turned to me and said, ""Changing Migration" meaning it was time for the animals to repattern their routes to help lessen climate impacts on their species.

The Last Goose

"The Last Goose" is a sketch of a woman holding a goose, created after a post-apocalyptic anxiety dream on October 29, 2018. Survivors wore masks and devices monitoring environmental pollutants to avoid toxins impacting health. In the dream, researchers were sent to study the last Canadian Goose flock only to find the birds dying. No doubt my fears of air pollution are expressed as such nightmares. A study released on Sept.19,2019, reported billions of birds have vanished from North American skies over the past five decades.

Melting Ice

An illustration of a woman on horseback overlooking a barren valley. The valley is a photograph from Iceland, where "projections indicate that all of the Icelandic glaciers will disappear in 200 years due to global warming. “As things stand now, the world temperature appears to be rising. Then, the melting will take place in a shorter time span.” - Iceland Review, 2019

Clean Up 2021

Witnessing the ongoing contamination of our waterways motivated me to create this piece, representing a girl touching water as a metaphor for action.