Voices Along the Pipelines

August 2019

The purpose of this exhibit is to increase awareness of the risks associated with expanding fossil fuel infrastructure. With themes of environmental racism, cultural injustice, climate change, and industrial oppression - these works represent a movement in Citizen Art rooted in basic human rights, serving as a basis for inspiration and transformation, where individuals and communities are linked together by active social engagement to create civic impact.



Chris Baker Evens’ documentary photographs, filmmaker Hugh Brownstone, illustrators Meg Lemieur and Bri Barton of Water Ways, prints from Nicolas Lampert, Shepard Fairey, and Bec Young, Elizabeth Meyers ceramic work with Standing Rock, and several community groups including the local Momma Bears Brigade, Lancaster Against Pipelines, Philly Thrive from South Philly, the “1000 Flags/1000 Waters” flag project, and documentation from “The Defenders” sculpture project from Virginia. The exhibit will open August 10th from 4pm - 7pm, with an opening water ceremony honoring the Leni Lenape tribe, and an evening performance by artist and vocalist Eleanor Goldfield, and musician Simon James after the reception.



open mic night

To provide the community with an opportunity to share poems, songs, and experiences.

Half Mile, upwind, on foot

Half-Mile, Upwind, On Foot tells the story of communities who are working to challenge two different pipeline projects in Pennsylvania that are considered by many to be disruptive, dangerous, and unnecessary.

THREE BLIND MEN and an elephant productions

The exhibit featured this series playing on a continuous loop, sharing the stories of those impacted by pipelines.

thank you

I'm grateful to all the artists, residents, and volunteers for their work - with special thanks to Chris Dietrich. 

I also want to thank all the brave residents for sharing their art and stories,

as well as those working in the gas industry offering respect to those affected.