The Grove: Poetic Nature

(2019 - present)

“For deep time is measured in units that humble the human instant: millennia, epochs and aeons, instead of minutes, months and years. Deep time is kept by rock, ice, stalactites, seabed sediments and the drift of tectonic plates. Seen in deep time, things come alive that seemed inert. New responsibilities declare themselves. Ice breathes. Rock has tides. Mountains rise and fall. We live on a restless Earth.”― Robert Macfarlane, Underland: A Deep Time Journey

These small abstract works use environmentally friendly materials and mediums created en plein air. I began this series on hikes through birch forests and climbing colorful rock formations of coastal Maine, a practice I've continued with these small, devotional pieces in the local stretch of woodlands near my home in Pennsylvania. Observing Nature in today's climate change is sobering. Accumulating greenhouse gases are taking their toll on our forests. Summertime heat singe and curl deciduous leaves. Milder winters offer little rest for our trees, and with the stresses of drought and floods, we're witnessing the disappearance of tree species. 

These changes leave me discouraged, wanting to abandon realism. My focus turns to connecting to a spiritual and poetic language of land and its energy, it's biodiversity and ecosystem. Experiencing our environment as fluid, organic and ever-changing energy, I work to transcend representation, weaving poetic patterns of line and earthy colored pigments into imaginative soulful landscapes. Developing harmonious compositions representing a language of feminist landscape aesthetic, I work to see Nature as phenomena of the physical world, supportive of Life, and worthy of respect and protection.


selected works
Lichen on Granite_Carrie Barcomb 9 x 12
Birch Goddess
Moss and Stone
Wild Woods
Of Wind and Rain
Into the Dark Wood
My "grove", the inspiration near my home.