Fire & Ice

The words Fire and Ice conjures the imagination. As magical realist artist and curator Jessica Libor describes in her group 2020 exhibit: "winter colors are full of contrast: magical icy landscapes and glittering blue crystals, and the warmth of flickering fires." They are also words used to describe Iceland where volcanoes and glaciers exist side-by-side. For Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice, they represent the destructive potential of hatred and desire to bring destruction to the world. For me the idea of Fire and Ice are elements representing two opposing forces: human survival versus nature that sustains us.

These illustrations are based on ideas, dreams and nightmares of Climate Change. "The Last Goose" is a sketch created after a post-apocalyptic dream on October 29, 2018. In the dream, those remaining wore masks and devices monitoring environmental pollutants to avoid toxins impacting health. Researchers were sent to study the last Canadian Goose flock only to find the birds dying. No doubt my fears of air pollution are expressed as such nightmares. A study released on Sept.19,2019, reported billions of birds have vanished from North American skies over the past five decades.

I'm influenced by the styles of late 19th century Golden Age illustrators John Albert Bauer, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and William T. Maud who worked with Scandinavian folktales. I am inspired by Nature themes within Norse mythology, and in concepts like fate and reverence of the seasons - concepts I feel are relevant and essential to documenting and processing today's environmental challenges.



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