Fire & Ice Illustrations

Updated: Apr 25


Vanishing glaciers and unprecedented wildfires. Temperature extremes and stronger storms, with struggling wildlife populations all indicate an unstable world heralding devastating human impacts such as increasing disease and famine. We have new terms for our changing world including "climate emergency" and "climate refugees". Today, the root cause of the climate change “hoax“, is believed to be Nature itself. We are experiencing "natural" events thus excusing human involvement.

This series is inspired by dreams, and represent human isolation and moral challenges from living with the effects of environmentally oppressive industrialization. We live in a world of extremes. For Robert Frost in his poem titled “Fire and Ice” these two elements represent the destructive potential of hatred and desire to bring destruction to the world. "Fire and Ice" is also the title of an exhibit I recently participated in curated by Jessica Libor, and the name given to the beautiful and otherworldly country of Iceland. This series is influenced by the styles of late 19th century Golden Age illustrators John Albert Bauer, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and William T. Maud who worked with Scandinavian folktales. I am inspired by Nature themes within Norse mythology, and in concepts like fate and reverence of the seasons - concepts I feel are relevant and essential to documenting and processing today's environmental challenges.

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