Language of Art

I work in different styles, and enjoy creating a still-life composition as much as I love sitting outdoors painting the wilderness. I find each location or subject lends itself to it's own unique properties in creating a different feel, and resulting in different bodies of works. For instance, working at Kuerner Farm is different than working in Maine. On the farm there's a certain nostalgic charm. Memories and human stories the land holds from both visionary artists leaving their mark as well as the hard working family. A different feel when you're out observing the raw natural forces of dynamic tidal flows of coastal Maine. Abstraction for me is poetry, used for communicating concepts. It is a more refined expression requiring a personal visual and symbolic vocabulary. Photography serves as both reference material and provides a record of special moments experienced in the world. I also love illustration - from creating detailed observations of botanical plants to inspirational dreams. I find our world is so vast and different it requires exploring different modes of expression, and each discipline feeds off one another. I find it keeps my mind, and my work fresh. I love how the language of Art is so expansive it allows artists to visually capture and express different aspects of the human experience.

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