Life in the Wilds

Early 19th century - My brother recently bought a batch of negatives and photographs from Ebay which are images of my father's cousins. The photographer's nickname was Guy who documented his life with his band of brothers who preferred living the nomadic life of hunting and fishing.

My father told me they earned their living doing lumber work in the fall and winter months (to avoid bugs), and then lived off the land the rest of the year in the forests of New England.

They helped build cabins, but as more summer cottages were built in the White Mountains they pushed up into more remote areas of Canada.

1939. The Mattagami First Nation, Ontario

They eventually settled down, Guy living on a farm in Maine.

His photographs are beautifully composed. One of my favorites is this Great Horned Owl photographed in Nova Scotia. Looks like he may have caught this beautiful owl by surprise.

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