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A traffic calming mural, a first for myself, and Media, PA.

Four Trout now swim at Third and Jackson Streets. Painting the fish was a success, made possible by a great group of volunteers of all ages. This poem was inspired by the mural, written that day.

"Four Trout at 3rd and Jackson" by Brian Sammond The Golden Trout's bold haughtiness shines forth from glowing gilded scales, out-shining, to his mind, the duller Brown. But Brown Trout's not perturbed by this-- he's proud to swim the creeks and streams, too busy swishing 'round to have a frown. The Brook Trout makes a common sight in all the brooks and streams around, and loves to swim her way from pond to creek. The Rainbow Trout, so fanciful, just laughs beneath the flowing stream, when after rain she leaps a colored streak-- her scales of rainbow colors glow, reflecting rainbows in the sky.

I think one of my favorite comments I heard that day was "This mural will make me happy on my walks."


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