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"Fine artist Carrie Barcomb allows nature to serve as muse, gliding her brush strokes to capture landscapes lying in wait for interpretation. Raised alongside waterways near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, she grew up understanding the stillness of the landscape and the tranquility and stability it offered juxtaposed with the transitory footprint of humanity.


Inspired by travel, her plein-air studies cover the scenic Adirondack Mountains to the rocky barriers of coastal Maine in addition to meanderings through the bucolic countryside of Brandywine Valley.  "I’m drawn to the gentle hills that offer sweeping views, allowing me to record dynamic clouds and shadows slinking across the fields. I try to evoke this sense of movement in my work. Whether exploring a farm or the forests of upstate New York, there is always something new to discover in the ever-changing color of the seasons.”


Rande Styger

"I was blown away by your gorgeous canvases - I was drawn to the glorious light you capture in your work - whether the soft subtle light at dawn, or the glorious golden hues instilled by the setting sun - all seem to me to infuse your work with a sense of life and peaceful beauty.  I think they make the viewer take a deep breath and think "YES!" this is what I should notice more often...and then causes the viewer to linger and wander mentally in the landscape, welcoming in that sense of peace and life and contentment captured on the canvas. I like the clear evidence of your brush work as well as it seems to help convey the life of the scene you are capturing." 

Carol Apicella

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